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    A Forgotten Man is dedicated to the exoneration and release from prison of Timothy Charles Davis. Mr. Davis was convicted of the brutal 1978 murder of Mrs. Avis Alford, a sixty-eight year old grandmother and storekeeper in rural Coosa County Alabama. A juvenile of seventeen when arrested, Davis spent twenty-six years on Alabama’s death row, mostly in solitary confinement. When the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed executing juvenile offenders, Davis was re-sentenced to life without parole. He currently resides in Alabama’s Holman Prison. Sadly he has been incarcerated thirty-five years for a crime he did not commit.

    A Forgotten Man focuses on the facts of the murder and the prosecution of Timothy Davis. That no one seriously challenged the evidence used to convict Davis is amazing. The crime scene analysis was deeply flawed; evidence was lost; other evidence was tampered with; and whether fingerprint collection was even attempted remains a mystery to this day. The prosecution’s case consisted of two snitches, planted evidence and a deliberately misleading forensic report. Despite the ineptitude of real police work, the prosecution—and in particular the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office—displayed a stellar performance of demonizing Timothy Davis throughout the county before the trial. The irony is that the shenanigans add proof to their motives for framing a child.

    Special thanks are due Michele Villeneuve, a good friend from northern Quebec. The investigation had progressed to where we knew Timothy Davis did not commit the crime, but we had no idea what actually happened. I knew Michele possessed a gift of clairvoyance, and I asked her for help. She did something skeptics say a psychic has never done: she said she witnessed the crime and heard the victim call the killer by name when he entered the store. The person she named (who had no previous involvement in the case) admits he was at Alford’s Grocery at the time of the murder and next in the cow lot directly across the highway from the store where the murder weapon was discovered.

    Please let us hear from you. Remember to like A Forgotten Man on Facebook or contact us at alexashton@aforgottenman.com. Any small contribution made to support our work is always appreciated.

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