We not only prove
Timothy Davis
was convicted with sham evidence, we analyze the crime scene and name a suspect.

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Could the person wearing these clothes have created this crime scene?

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  • Compare this scene of the murder with actual photographs of the clothes worn by Tim Davis to Alford’s Grocery.

    This evidence of potentially exculpatory material found the night of the murder was never shared with Davis’ attorneys and disappeared with no explanation. Learn what part the Alabama Attorney General’s office played in a cover-up.

    Learn how this copy of Timothy Davis’ mug shot contradicts the testimony of the State’s star witness.

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  • Pictured above is the author Alex Ashton (left) with Tim Davis at Holman Prison March 2010

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    How an Innocent Juvenile Offender
    Spent Twenty-Six Years on Alabama's
    Death Row and Remains Imprisoned

    ... includes information
    authorities did not want you to know ..

    Crime scene photo (not shown here)

    See how this photo corroborates Davis' statement claiming he found the victim face-down, naked and covered in blood. As Davis lifted a shoulder looking for a sign of life, blood gushed from under the body. Davis said he panicked and ran from the store.

    Hello and welcome.

    I’m Alex Ashton. Thank you for your interest. Please allow me to take a few minutes and introduce you to Timothy Davis and the purpose of our website.

    In the summer of 1978, Avis Alford, a sixty-eight year old grandmother was brutally murdered and raped inside her rural Coosa County Alabama grocery store. The evening of the crime, authorities arrested seventeen year old Timothy Charles Davis for the murder. Davis had never been in trouble with the law, and he had no history of violent behavior. He was working full-time, and he and his wife of seven weeks were trying to save money by living with Timothy’s mother and grandmother.

    Following a week-long trial Timothy Davis was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death by electrocution. Shortly following his nineteenth birthday, Davis was placed on Alabama’s death row, where he remained for the next twenty-six years, confined to a solitary five by eight foot cell twenty-three hours per day. In 2005 the United States Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional the executions of offenders who committed their crimes before the age of eighteen. Timothy Davis was subsequently re-sentenced to life without parole. He remains imprisoned at Holman Correctional Facility in Alabama.

    Problems with Alabama’s criminal justice system have been previously documented. To cite one example, a 2005 ACLU report titled “Broken Justice: The Death Penalty in Alabama” provides an exhaustive list of problems with capital punishment in the state. A Forgotten Man, an online book and feature of this site, exposes the arrest and trial of Timothy Davis, highlighted with sham evidence, snitches, a clueless defense, and a display of shameful arrogance.

    We not only prove Timothy Davis was wrongfully convicted and provide evidence pointing to his innocence, we also present a common-sense analysis of the crime scene. Following the analysis we name a suspect who admits he may have been in the victim’s store at the approximate time of the murder but claims he was never questioned by the police.

    We support the conclusions reached in A Forgotten Man by providing hundreds of pages of court testimony, sworn statements, photographs, forensic reports, notes and interviews. We explain how we arrived at our opinions and the reader may click on the provided links and view what we consider vital documents. The reader may read the book online, download it or perform an independent analysis using the information gathered over several years. Access to the website is valid for an entire year.

    We believe the evidence overwhelmingly supports the innocence of Timothy Davis. If you agree, please sign the petition to re-open the investigation into Avis Alford’s murder.

    While you are looking at this page, be sure to click on the highlighted titles or words to learn of some of the more interesting facts in the case.

    Please forward your comments to me here, or join us on facebook.

    Timothy Davis’ under shorts

    A forensic scientist testified to finding material consistent with rectal skin cells inside Davis’ under shorts. The finding was devastating to Davis’ defense. Read an indisputable finding that there was no reason to believe the material pointed toward Timothy Davis sodomizing the victim.

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  • Note from Curtis Smith the night of the murder

    Learn the significance of this note never shared with Davis’ attorneys and hidden away for years in the ABI file.

    The billfold from Alford's Grocery

    Timothy Davis was tried on a capital charge of murder/robbery, the robbery consisting of this billfold from Alford’s Grocery, valued at approximately $12.

    Read Here, actual scanned copies of the
    Alex City Outlook Articles 1978-81

    Learn eight specific reasons why neither Tim Davis nor any other would-be robber could have stolen the billfold, including an audio recording from an impeccable source.

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