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  1. Interviews

    The following audio clips were sliced from interviews and presented separately because they represent, in my opinion, striking admissions.

    Gerald Neighbors clips

    Gerald Neighbors admits he was at Mrs. Alford’s Grocery the day she was killed.
    [GN Clip 4 Sept 2007 outside time: 12 seconds]

    Gerald Neighbors and his wife agree Gerald left his home a few minutes before 5 p.m. the day of the murder.
    [GN Clip 2 Sept 2007 part 1 time: 33 seconds]

    Gerald Neighbors walked down the highway.
    [GN Clip 6 Sep 2007 outside time: 1:00 minute]

    Gerald Neighbors admits he was at Alford’s Grocery at time of the murder.
    [GN Clip 5 Sep 2007 outside time: 19 seconds]

    What Gerald Neighbors did when he heard the police sirens.
    [GN Clip 3 Sep 2007 part 1 time: 12 seconds]

    Gerald Neighbors interviews

    September 2007 Part 1 47:02

    September 2007 Part 2 25:31

    September 2007 Outside 19:23

    June 2008 Part 1 46:57

    June 2008 Part 2 19:09

    Judge Robert Teel, Jr.

    Clip: Why Tim Davis was released and later taken into custody
    [Robert Teel Clip 7 April 2007 time: 2:37]

    Interview April 2007 48:25
    [Teel RobertJr April 2007 Time: 48:25]

    Former state trooper John Tapley

    Clip: John Tapley now denies he found a billfold
    [Tapley John Clip 09 09 2007 Time: 46 seconds]

    Interview September 2007 17:23
    [Tapley John 09 09 2207 Time: 17:23]

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